God’s Purpose for My Life (Part 1 of 6)

God’s Purpose for My Life (Part 1 of 6)

In my last post, I made the distinction between those of us—Christian or not—who seriously pondered the question; “What is God’s purpose for my life? Have you given serious thought to this most important question? If not, I strongly recommend you stop reading right here, right now, and go take a prayerful inventory of your life and ask yourself the question: “What is God’s purpose for my life?” On the other hand, if you have already given my question serious thought, can you truly, comfortable, and in good conscience answer “Yes, absolutely. I surely know God’s purpose for my life!”

Thinking back to my days as a seminary student, while working on my doctorate degree, I recall the very first post-graduate assignment. My opening assignment was to perform an exegesis (aka a critical Hebrew interpretation of the text) on the entire Old Testament book of Escalates—all twelve chapters. Yet before I could make it through half of Chapter One, my soul was flipped upside down, then turned inside out. For days, I could not return to the assignment. Every time I attempted to return to the book of Ecclesiastes, I literally felt sick to my stomach, and throughout all the days of the week that followed, I was barely able to stand the sight of my miserable existence in the mirror. Why? Because during my study of God’s word, the varnish was quickly stripped away from the English words and the light from the original Hebrew text revealed to me that I had no clue of God’s purpose for my life. Not one. All I knew at this juncture was “my own purpose” for my life. And if you’ve been following my posts, we all know how “my own purpose” worked out for me, right?

The point I am making here is that prior to federal prison, I was living a life of blatant, willful sin, even though I was professing to be a life-long, church-going Christian. Yes, I went through all the Sunday-service motions. But come Monday, during work and play, I was back to living a life of blatant, willful sin.

God knows we’re not perfect. We stumble and fall on our faces day after day. That’s because we are all broken by sin, which is why we need a Savior. Speaking of the Savior, only God’s Son, Jesus Christ, was the Perfect One. But if you are blatantly and willfully disobeying the Bible, you are not living in God’s purpose. Instead, you will certainly experience a great disconnect from your life, and a sense of aimlessness in your life. Perfect timing for Satan to con you into believing that your disconnected and aimless life is not worth living.

You certainly don’t need to perform an exegesis on a book of the Bible to get rightly aligned with God’s purpose for your life. All you need to do is get down on your knees and sincerely seek God’s face. Ask God to help you break sin’s stronghold in and on your life (See Ephesians 4:27, 30). Then, with equal sincerity, ask God, our Heavenly Father, for an outpouring of wisdom. And watch Him liberally pour wisdom into you (See James 1:5). Then bright and early tomorrow morning, start anew! Start fresh! Get back into the Word of God and start making a change by casting out those blatant and willful sins one at a time.

That, my dear friends, is the first step to discovering God’s purpose for your life.

Dr. Michael W. McCoy, M.Div. JD., Th.D.

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